Color is a Powerful Healer

As an intuitive painter, I use color as my primary mode of healing, infusing each painting with the essence of the color to empower your soul with whatever energy that color conveys. 

I've always been a color observer, noticing when a friend keeps wearing black or observing the shifts in home colors and furnishings and what they each mean for us. Every time we select a particular colored shirt or outfit, we are not only communicating to ourselves in the color energy, but we're also communicating to everyone else that we encounter that day. You can read more about this from an interview I was in called "In Healing Color". 

Photo by Jonathan Fredin

My approach to painting comes from a place of healing. I want to help others understand where color plays a role in their lives and how color can help them heal. 

Starting next week, I'll share more specifics about RED! Stay tuned for more! 

If you have any questions about how to activate particular colors that may help support your energy, home, or life, please don't hesitate to reply to this email for more info. I'll update my website with new insights about color, color healing, and how I utilize color in my painting practice to infuse healing, love, joy, peace, security, abundance, and expression in my work!