Colors That Sing: My Synesthetic Journey

*Discovering Synesthesia:*

From a young age, I realized that my experience of sounds, emotions, people, and colors went beyond mere sight. I distinctly remember listening to movie soundtracks and abstractly, loosely drawing the sounds, the movement, and the colors I was hearing. Each tone had a movement and color, a melody that danced within my mind. I was unknowingly exploring the world of synesthesia, where the senses intertwine, and colors resonate with sound, taste, and emotion. 

For me, colors weren't just visual; they were symphonies that played in my spirit. I have recently been able to briefly explain this after years of looking at confused reactions from others. I experience all things, people, emotions, and places through a cacophony of color. As a visual artist, my canvas becomes a symphony of healing energy, guided by the chakra system and my unique gift of synesthesia. In doing some research, I’ve found other artists with a similar approach to art, namely the prolific artist Wassily Kandinsky.  In reading his book, “Concerning the Spiritual in Art,” one quote resonates with me like a timeless melody: "Generally speaking, color is a power which directly influences the soul." That’s what I’ve been trying to say! 

*Kandinsky's Keyboard of Colors:*

As Wassily Kandinsky eloquently said, "Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings." What a captivating way to describe colors' profound impact on our innermost being. Kandinsky's metaphor of colors as a keyboard struck a deep chord within me. Like a pianist touches keys to create vibrations, I feel my brush on the canvas, igniting a symphony of hues that resonate in the souls of those who encounter my work. My synesthetic experiences amplify this connection; I don't just see colors; I feel them, hear them, and allow them to guide my artistic expression. This is the profound intersection of beauty and healing. I first understand the energy someone dwells in, and the offer of healing through prescribing a color that would provide healing, balancing, and support. A remarkable, unique, compelling commission, prescription, and prayer for healing. 

*The Chakra Connection:*

Inspired by the chakra system, my art becomes a bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Each chakra, represented by a distinct color, holds a story waiting to be told. Through my synesthesia, I sense the harmonious interplay of these colors, translating their energies onto the canvas. My spiritual teacher Myrna described it best when she explained that my gift operates by categorizing through intricate but specific shades of color. Each one offers me insight into a person’s experience.  

*Transcending the Seen:*

As I delve into the realms of spirituality and the mysterious universe, my synesthesia becomes a gateway. Through the language of colors, I communicate messages of love and healing. Like Kandinsky's artist playing the keys, I touch upon the unseen strings of the soul, invoking emotions that are felt beyond the surface. My art is an invitation to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

*Color, Synesthesia, and Spirituality:*

I find my purpose as an artist in the symphony of color, synesthesia, and spirituality. Wassily Kandinsky's words remind us that color isn't just pigment on canvas; it's a force that resonates deep within our souls. I add my voice to this vibrant chorus with each brushstroke, telling stories of healing, love, and connection. As you gaze upon my creations, may you, too, hear the melodies that colors sing and feel the vibrations that touch your soul.

As I weave my synesthetic experiences into my art, I can't help but smile at the way Kandinsky's wisdom has illuminated my journey. Just as his hands played the keys of color, so do mine, guided by the whispers of synesthesia and the mysteries of the universe.