Intentional Interior Design

When I create a piece of art, whether intended for a particular person or space, I begin by praying, meditating and setting an intention. This positive activity promotes feelings of love, joy, optimism, prosperity and peace into your spaces.  I recently had the privilege of working with Raleigh designer and realtor, Tara Reynolds, of  It was a pleasure to collaborate with her and share intentional art to showcase her design projects and fill the homes of clients looking for something special. Every piece I make has its unique story, and I take pride in creating unique works that my customers will cherish for years to come. My goal is always to inspire people and share the wisdom of color, symbolism, and style. 

Intentional interior design can revolutionize one's home environment, creating a space of significant emotion, depth, and meaning. Decorating becomes more than just aesthetics or furniture placement; it becomes an experience that beckons onlookers to explore the layered complexities and powerful stories within each space. By embracing thoughtful approaches such as meaningful color palettes and symbolism-infused artwork, one can bring purposeful energy into each room for visitors to admire and appreciate. At the end of the day, intentional interior design has tremendous potential to make your home a truly captivating reflection of your life experiences - so why not try it? If you're ready to explore intentional design principles and create a beautiful space that resonates with deeply personal memories and emotions, contact me today - I would love to be a part of your journey toward creating an intentionally positive atmosphere in your home.