Monthly Calendar Club

Here's what you can expect each month: 

  1. Desktop Wallpaper
  2. Mobile Phone Wallpaper
  3. Printable Calendar 

Why three? I want you to have options, or hey - get all three! It's my monthly gift to you, and I hope you enjoy it! 

This month's piece is called "Warm Perch" and is inspired by the changing seasons. Warm Perch reminds me of a sunny spot on a cool fall day where you can feel the toasty sun warming your cheeks while the autumn chill tickles your senses. This piece reminds me of the wisdom of nature - and the natural flow of the universe; nature doesn't need to be taught to transition to fall - it just does. I hope that when you see this piece, it reminds you to just go with the flow in an intuitive way, trusting that as you move through life, everything is taking its natural, gentle time.