Styling Your Home with Art

I couldn't resist sharing these photographs of an incredibly appealing interior design created by my friends at Avenue West, Raleigh

I love the way that Jason & Kristi approach each room and space with their unique sense of color, style, and movement. 

It got me thinking about furniture placement with art.

But it also has me thinking about how you approach buying art for your home. My suggestion? Only buy artwork that you love and speak to you, not to match your decor or furniture.

Your decor can be planned around the art.

Of course, artists far and wide would all agree that the art completely stands on its own and shouldn't have anything to do with your decor, but the simple fact is that we live in a Pinterest world where everything needs to have its style, and usually, that means matching. 

Art will always look better in a space where the decor supports the art, not matches it. 

Move your eyes around the space, highlighting the art. The result is harmony in the space, which is beautifully designed. So what do you do if you didn't start your room design with art?  That's totally ok! I'm always happy to connect with you, view your space, and read the room's energy to help you identify the right colors, forms, and sizes to support your beautiful designs. In the meantime, check out my print size guide here if it helps you to start with size.