Weekly Energy Series; Pets!

We are more than just our bodies; we are made up of our minds, bodies, and spirits. We are energy! Everything is made up of energy; the computer I'm typing on, the coffee we drink, the aura we emit. Ever walked into a room and suddenly felt icky? Ever walk into a space and suddenly feel at ease? That's energy at work!

Pet Portrait

I can see, feel and sense color energy & emotion; and as an artist, I harness those forces and join them together with paint and canvas (sometimes other mediums too). Each week I select a particular energy to work with. In week 1 I worked with the energy of Pets! Everyone loves their pets and they have the sweetest and most gentle energy of all.

Watching the gorgeous and colorful energies of these fascinating pets unfold with alcohol ink became a great pleasure of mine and for that reason, I'm keeping the Pet Energy Portraits open and available for commission on my site. Feel free to contact me to commission your own fur baby portrait!