Weightless - Series Release


What is it about water? 

It’s buoyancy? The weightlessness it makes us feel? It slows things down - intentionally calm. It cools, soothes, we play like children. We feel sultry, seductive, romantic, free. The ocean makes us feel small but mighty, part of a bigger picture. The water itself is healing. The salt is neutralizing, the sand is grounding. If you're a fan of the beach like me, there is a strong sense of freedom that seeps in as soon as you draw closer to the water. 

The Weightless series invites us to play with that sense of freedom within ourselves. Unburdened. Empty. Silent. Peaceful. Free. There is so much heaviness and dense energy in the world right now that the idea of weightlessness felt so encouraging to me. I hope that it offers the same for you.

View the "Weightless" Series Release Video here.